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Dan and Katherine Roberts dankat at
Fri Aug 22 03:53:53 PDT 1997

On 22 Aug 97 at 10:30, Mark Harris wrote:

> I think this is the first time someone has mentioned that category.
> I wonder how many categories there are. So far, I think we've seen:
> Scientist
> Discoverer
> Benevolent Ruler
> White Knight
> Prime Minister
> Shepherd
> Bard/Dreamer
> (hmm. no farmers, weavers, merchants, priests etc.?)

    There is definitely an "Engineer/Builder" classification because 
that's what my spouse keeps turning up as, and there is a "Merchant" 
one too.  You can go look at what it says about the other 
classifications by going to:*****.html
and filling the ***** in with the various classifications.
Benevolent Ruler-benruler
White Knight-wknight
Black Knight-bknight
Prime Minister-prime
ie. the Black Knight page is at:

    Those are the only classifications I've managed to find so far, 
but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few more.  I think 
farmer, priest and weaver are a little too specific though.  It's 
been interesting to try and figure them out.


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