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Fri Aug 22 09:17:13 PDT 1997

>This is true.  However, I don't think ricochet would be that big a problem.
> It might even make for a more effective "mass damage" weapon.  It would be
>like grape shot.  :)

Siege projectiles are dead when they hit the ground or another fighter.

>Also, this issue of stuffing tennis balls with things, corn, beans and so
>on -- I don't like it.  

Legio IX Hispana of Caid, one of the most successful combat units around,
has been using dried beans to weight their throwing darts for years without

Sufficient taping should eliminate any problems with this. Besides, with
people hitting each other hard enough to dent steel, bean-face is one of
the last things I'm worried about on the battlefield.

>What's wrong with just being more attuned to getting hit with a tennis

Nothing. That'd make my life much easier as a siege engineer.

I still don't think a single tennis ball should kill an armored fighter,
though. I'm a proponet of taped tennis-ball pyramids for cats/trebs.

>Is the heat of simulated battle such that we ignore everything that
>doesn't cause pain?

Sadly, yes. Look at how often marshalls have to call heavies dead after
they've been shot by an archer on a heavily-armored body part. They don't
feel it, they don't call it -- especially when your attention is elsewhere
(fighting) and the shot was indirect.

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