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Fri Aug 22 13:03:33 PDT 1997

>I'm from An Tir.  I have *never* seen a marshall call *anyone* dead.  Much
>to my chagrin, as both a heavy and a light.  I had always thought it was up
>to the fighter.

OK, let me word it this way:

I've seen marshalls TELL fighters, "M'lord, you were shot with an arrow."

The fighter usually chivalrously agrees and leaves the field.

This happened A BUNCH at Gulf Wars, where upwards of 5000 arrows were fired
in EACH siege battle. They fell like rain from every direction, and you
were usually struck from a direction you weren't facing.

I've been shot in my extremely thick kidney belt from close range by a
Baldar blunt, and let me tell ya, if I hadn't see it coming, I wouldn't
have known about it -- because I didn't feel it and didn't hear it over the
din of the battle. I SAW it. And if I hadn't, I hope a marshall or one of
my teammates would inform me of it.

This wasn't a comment about the blow calling of our fighters, just a
statement of the shortcomings and realities of our type of re-enactment.

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