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>>What's wrong with just being more attuned to getting hit with a tennis
>Nothing. That'd make my life much easier as a siege engineer.
>I still don't think a single tennis ball should kill an armored fighter,
>though. I'm a proponet of taped tennis-ball pyramids for cats/trebs.
>>Is the heat of simulated battle such that we ignore everything that
>>doesn't cause pain?
>Sadly, yes. Look at how often marshalls have to call heavies dead after
>they've been shot by an archer on a heavily-armored body part. They don't
>feel it, they don't call it -- especially when your attention is elsewhere
>(fighting) and the shot was indirect.

Heavy fighters ignore anything that doesn't arrive with enough force
to have been a killing blow with a sword. We train that way
constantly. Now if there were as much training against arrows it might
be different, but somehow I think that calling arrow shots accurately
would lead to  calling light sword blows good.  

Solution?  fight light. Light fighters are used to calling light. :)


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