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Fri Aug 22 13:25:16 PDT 1997

On the other side of the coin, I welcome Marshals (and fellow fighters) pointing out that that "whack" that just hit me was an arrow or siege engine ammo, and not an allied fighters shield or pole...

Because I'm not "focused" on paying attention to indirect fire, I've found I sometimes won't notice it. Having it pointed out helps me call it honorably.

Alaric Styrr
called Tuhtahl of the Moritu

>>>>>Marshals in Ansteorra don't call the blows.  Nor do they offer their 
opinion on the force of the blow, only on where it landed if asked. 
 This is the "Witness" section of the SCA Marshal's Handbook (the 
*minimum* requirements for the entire SCA).  I give here the first 
sentence of the section:

"You are expected to be an impartial witness to exactly what you saw 
happen during the fight...and to keep your mouth shut about it unless a 
safety hazard occurs or you are asked by the fighters."

Having marshals "call" the blows may seem to be an easy solution to a 
perceived problem, but it creates other problems as well.  One in 
particular is that it places a "judge" over your honor, someone who 
must call the shot based on experience (little or much), yet truly has 
no idea what the shot felt like.  Only the person hit knows for certain 
how it felt, and even though this allows for errors, I think having 
someone else call the force of the blow allows for more errors.<<<<


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