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>>So, who's ready for Pennsic XXXVII ???

Kat- I'm glad you had such a fun filled trip in the woods at Pennsic.  I
remember my woods battle at Pennsic the last time TRM's Kein and Alisha were
on the throne.  Their must be something about that couple that brings out the
"FUN" in the woods.

"OH GOODY- Granpa Bors is going to tell a story":
NSTIW (No shit there I was)  Sir Rurick, Sir Cameranis and I had just been
released from the resurection point and were going back into the woods.
 Several other fighters from the kingdom hooked up with us, just as HRM,
Alisha burst out of the woods looking for help. " I just located one of the
banners being held by the enemy", She declared, so we all lunged through the
woods trying to follow her.  Now all of the other fighters were somewhat,
shall we say, more petite than I so I had the distinction of <like Roland>
bringing up the rear.  We are attempting to follow this nimble gazelle ( Her
Magesty) as she manouvered deftly through the dense brush, up and down the
hills and valleys, until suddenly she shouts " There it is!!"  Sure enough
there is one of the enemy fighters holding the banner with a field marshall
by his side.  Her Mag yells for Sirs Rurik and Cameranis to "Get him" and
orders the rest to look for the rest of his army that surely must be close
by.  I, being out of breath, my side about to split open and about to loose
my lunch, start to gather myself together before looking for the enemy..  I
am watching as Sir Rurick engages the other fighter.  " Give up the banner or
be sore in the morning" Rurick commanded.  I'm sure that poor fighter was
VERY sore the next day for Sir Rurick had done the party circuit the night
before and was, shall we say , in a grumpy mood..  Sir Rurick then handed me
the War banner as we went to join up with the others.  Her Magesty was
overjoyed when we presented the banner to her as she cried out, " I know just
the perfect place to defend  this ".  Once again we are running pell mell
throught the woods.  I still don't know how her Magesty can move so fast
through the woods for I am sure that we passed several bunny rabbits that
were running from the fighting. We finally came to a small clearing at the
top of a knoll that was protected on three sides by impenatrable brush.  Here
we made our stand.  AND STAND-AND STAND!!  We were in this location for what
seemed an eternity. Finally several of our scouts found us and were sent back
out to inform the King where we were.  After about what seemed another
eternity, His Magesty and some others joined us.  As more and more of our
fighters joined us they were deployed in circles around the top of the knoll
so that we had several walls of fighters 15 to 20 yards apart for the enemy
to go through before they could get to us on top.  We could hear fighting in
the distance as it grew closer and closer and all of us were preparing to
defend the Crown and the banner to the last man, when suddenly, BOOM- the
cannon went off and we all jumped for joy that we has secured the winning
banner of the woods battle.  
   That was my fun in the woods.  I think that banner was given to our
kingdom . My legs took a week to get uncramped but I loved every minute of
    So you see Kat, being with Kein and Alisha in the woods battle at Pennsic
is always fun.  I could tell you about the woods battle at Gulf War #1, but
thats another long story, I will save for later.
   Baron Bors of Lothian
  Par Deu, bel sire, cist est de ae vostre lin,
  Et si mangue un grant braun porcin
  Et a dous traitz beit un cester de vin.
  Ben dure guete deit il rendre a sun veisin.


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