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Sun Aug 24 23:46:51 PDT 1997

Heilsa Dieterich

You wrote in large type...

>Sir Kief chisseled in a large stone...


>Sir, this is not even close to the funniest portion of this issue.  The
>other half of the "Super-Duke" era, HG Trelon of the Wood, has moved to
>Trimaris.  I'll just let that soak in for a bit... 

Sounds like fun for Trimaris...! It seems that HG Balder will also be moving
out of Trimaris... Either to the East Kingdom or, wait for it.......Here to
Ansteorra. Better than a 50% chance on the latter destination, this according
to HG Balder's own words...

>Any takers on when either of these illustrious gentlemen will step onto a
>crown listfield next?  I'm betting neither of them can keep out of it for
>more than a year- nickel bet.

Gottcha on a technicality...I'll take your bet. They both have to reside in
each Kingdom for more than a year before they are eligible to fight in a Crown
List... That means that they will each miss the next two Crown Lists and the
third is over one year a way... Where's my nickle...?!

>Centurion Dieterich 
>(who was in Atenveldt during the era in question and doesn't remember it
>being so bad... after all, we all need someone to look up to when we're

Sir Kief...who may not be a tricksey Duke...but was trained by some of the


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