ANST - Medieval persona

J. Michael Shew jshewkc at
Fri Aug 22 15:10:03 PDT 1997

	First time through I tried to be honest, but I fell into the
"gotta look good" trap and came up a Prime Minister.
	Second time through I tried to run my personna through, and the
fat old Norseman came up a Dreamer/Bard.  (That fit)
	Ran though honestly once, was told I was a White Knight!  (Huh?)
	My wife tried it, she is a Merchant!
		Shhheeeeeeeesh!  I don't think this is too accurate!  She
should have placed as Benevolent Ruler!

  Herra-Domr Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
__________________________(jshewkc at
	The Swan-Road is our for the season
	And Sword-wine is all that we spend
	The Gold and the Grain that we gather
	To wander the way of the wind
		(The Swanroad)


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