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Scott White swhite at
Fri Aug 22 15:16:41 PDT 1997

>On the archery issue, has anyone ever seen or experienced the mythical
>"golf-tube" arrows I used to hear about?  Apparently, these arrows could be
>fired from a bow of up to 50 lbs.  That would pretty much remove the doubt
>factor as to whether you had been hit, I think.

They suck. 

They whip through the air at about 5 mph and gently drift to earth yards
from their intended target. Even from a heavy bow, you can almost catch
them out of the air. Markland/Baldar/Thistle arrows hit MUCH harder.

Unfortunately, Toobs also the perfect ammo for my ballista, primarily
because I don't believe PVC shafts are safe. Goof Toobs are cheap, they
fold instead of shatter, and it takes me about 30 seconds to convert one
into a bolt w. a tennis ball and a little tape.

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