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>>On the archery issue, has anyone ever seen or experienced the mythical
>>"golf-tube" arrows I used to hear about?  Apparently, these arrows could be
>>fired from a bow of up to 50 lbs.  That would pretty much remove the doubt
>>factor as to whether you had been hit, I think.

I have had nothing but good experience (so to speak as I am usually a victim
to them) with golf tube arrows.   

One can tell when one is hit.  I have never had a problem telling when I was
hit by a golf tube arrow; whereas, I have been hit several times with
marklands and wouldn't have know it except that I saw the arrow hit or a
marshal informed me.  
Golf tubes don't become pointed sticks on the ground when they are stepped upon.

Golf tubes are accurate.  A crossbow man pegged me in the gut from about 50
yards at Harvest Faire, and anyone who has been to Estrella or Lillies can
attest to their deadly effect.  

Donato el Lobo

Good always succeeds over evil.  Did ya not know that?
					Young Duncan MacLeod



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