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Fri Aug 22 17:31:30 PDT 1997

Heilsa all Ansteorrans Good and True...

Sir Kief (the windbag) here...writing from HL Lorraine's account.

>>They whip through the air at about 5 mph and gently drift to earth yards
>>from their intended target. Even from a heavy bow, you can almost catch
>>them out of the air. Markland/Baldar/Thistle arrows hit MUCH harder.

>I very much doubt that 5 mph is an accurate statement, and "gently" is not
>precisely accurate either.  If either were the case, Darwin's theory of SCA
>weapons development would have killed them off long ago.
>Donato el Lobo

Agreed, Donato, 5 mph is a bit low and gently is a tad short. But, not by
much... I have regularly picked off golf tube arrows with my sword when they
were fired directly at me. I consider them quite inaccurate unless a master
archer fires them, and they do not strike as hard as a Baldar Blunt or "Thistle

As to the "Darwin Theory of SCA Weapons Development" The reason that golf tube
arrows are still around is simply: 1. They last longer than Marklands and such.
and 2. They are the only arrows allowed in some Kingdoms. looks like we will be allowed to use fiberglas arrow shafts in
the very near future. Stay tuned for further developments. (As per the results
of the Known World Earl Marshals Meeting held at Pennsic XXVI. I was there and
I heard it...)

Wassail kinfolk...! 

Kief av Kiersted

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."


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