ANST - Goof Toobs

James Crouchet jtc at
Fri Aug 22 22:22:27 PDT 1997

> I have used these arrows in the past few months in the outlands,
> during light fights, meelees,ect and have no problem hitting the
> target or being on the recieving end, and not know ing whether I was
>  hit or not.

There is a big difference between a melee and a war. That difference 
is range.

If you really believe that the Goof Tubes are just as good as my wood 
shafted, feather fletched, Thistle Missile headed arrows I will gladly 
meet you in an IKCAC round to prove otherwise. Then we can go out 
and shoot for pure range. If the scores are even close, say within 
10%, I'll concede the point. But they won't be, and I'm not even 
using Baldar Blunts yet.

Christian Doré

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