ANST - Honor and silence

Dieterich cjw at
Sun Aug 24 19:11:41 PDT 1997

Sir Kief chisseled in a large stone...
>Heilsa all...
>Kief here...writing from HL Lorraine's account.
>Does anyone that remembers the "Super Duke" era in Atenveldt find it
>interesting that HG Brian now lives in the East Kingdom? *huge grin* So, will
>the Eastern Realm now be subject, pardon the pun, to "Super Dukedom" (tm)...?

Sir, this is not even close to the funniest portion of this issue.  The
other half of the "Super-Duke" era, HG Trelon of the Wood, has moved to
Trimaris.  I'll just let that soak in for a bit... 

Any takers on when either of these illustrious gentlemen will step onto a
crown listfield next?  I'm betting neither of them can keep out of it for
more than a year- nickel bet.

Centurion Dieterich 
(who was in Atenveldt during the era in question and doesn't remember it
being so bad... after all, we all need someone to look up to when we're


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