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To all good gentles who care about siege weapons and legal ammo.

                        Lord Owen ap Aeddan
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At 08:21 PM 8/23/97 -0600, you wrote: 
>   Owen, 
>     Before the panic completely engulfs the known world, could you let the 
>list know what rumors / facts have turned up conserning the use of 
>tennisballs at the Gulf War?
>   Thanks,
>     Lord Robert of Vinhold
>     Lord Robert of Vinhold,
>        What I have read is that because of the rebar found in the tennis 
>     ball ammo at the last Gulf Wars.  Now I am not sure if they are going 
>     to ban all tennis ball ammo, but just in case I would like to know if 
>     anyone has used something else for Trebuchet ammo?  I am not trying to 
>     call wolf or start a riot and I am sorry for any confusion that my 
>     originial post caused but I was just trying to be prepared for 
>     whatever ruling that was passed down. So I am looking for alternate 
>     ammo.
>                                Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn 
    As I understand the situation from Duke Fredrick of Holland (aka Flieg)
the rebar was used in javelins, not tennisball shot. Unless the marshal 
that actually dealt with the situation can clairify this, that is all that 
is truthfully known. I will closely question his Grace this coming Laborday 
weekend and make sure of the ammo type being so weighted. The person using 
this rebar pieces had tried to tell the marshalate that they were from the 
West and this was legal there. His grace Flieg was at the war and was known 
to the marshals, so they asked him. The answer was "What! No and Hell 
no!".. The persons were unknown in the west and evidently did not have the 
Western Rules for such. I know because I wrote those rules and have done 
the research on seige weapons in the West for the last 12 years. Tennis 
ball shot may have only one ounce weight added, including the tape. There 
is a whole method spelled out for doing this safely. It does not include 
rebar, dirt or any such material. The marshals need to check ammo and the 
weight to do this properly just like any other weapon used. I would be 
happy to help any kingdom marshal and interested parties to know how this 
can be done and what to look for. I dont wish for any kingdom to ban a 
perfectly good solution on the basis of someones lack of understanding. 
There is a long running history for this type of shot and it works well, so 
lets talk.
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