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Sun Aug 24 20:30:46 PDT 1997

Carl John Hess wrote:

> A flat ball might actually provide more "oomph" because its energy would
> tend to transfer more easily to the target rather than being retained by
> the ball -- less bounce, more splat.

> Snipp<<<
Sounds good, has anyone tried it .....Gnith????

> This is true.  However, I don't think ricochet would be that big a problem.
>  It might even make for a more effective "mass damage" weapon.  It would be
> like grape shot.  :)
> Also, this issue of stuffing tennis balls with things, corn, beans and so
> on -- I don't like it.  Imagine a tennis ball stuffed with little beans
> breaking open as it contacts your face plate.  It would get in your eyes
> and go down your shirt -- yuck!  :(

HAve to agree there...I liked the Idea of expanding foam
insulation...someone told me today that they have heard of an expanding
Latex insulation, anyone else hear of that?

> What's wrong with just being more attuned to getting hit with a tennis
> ball?  Is the heat of simulated battle such that we ignore everything that
> doesn't cause pain?  If you feel something light hit your helmet or body
> armor or whatever and you look around and there's a tennis ball rolling
> around, you probably got hit.  And having fought as a light, I know that
> when I nailed a heavy and he or she looked around for what hit them, I let
> them know that it was me.  This would usually be answered with a salute and
> then he or she would fall over.
> Just some thoughts.  Please be nice when answering.  :)
> C. Scipio Cinncinatvs

The problem with a tennis ball is when it hits you on the
helmet...having been hit by a catapulted tennis ball in my glaive whilst
minding my own business inside the castle I can tell that it gets your
attention, but also seeing people on my own side get pelted from behind
as we were munching on foes at the sally-port inside the castle, they
could not tell the difference from getting hit from a tennis ball or
their buddy running into them...and no one is going to turn around and
look for a tennis ball every time they are bumped.

Alrek, The one with two more cents

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