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Sun Aug 24 20:46:28 PDT 1997

eric mauer wrote:
> On the other side of the coin, I welcome Marshals (and fellow fighters) pointing out that that "whack" that just hit me was an arrow or siege engine ammo, and not an allied fighters shield or pole...

Exactly... it does not mean you are dishonorable to not call an arrow in
the "heat of battle" because you can't see in all directions...if
someone says that you were hit with an arrow, call it, complain about
the @#$$%#@%^&^$$#$@#!#@$ archers and leave the field with honor

> Because I'm not "focused" on paying attention to indirect fire, I've found I sometimes won't notice it. Having it pointed out helps me call it honorably.

I think it is that Dinosaur-brain-thing in your case Tuhtahl, you would
feel it in five minutes
Alrek Kanin
his african name is M-gona

m-gona do it eventually

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