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Tue Aug 26 21:55:54 PDT 1997

Heilsa all Good Ansteorran Chivalric fighters...

Kief here...using more of HL Lorraine's time....

>We used to use 16ga expanded metal, and just tape it over the grill-work on
>the helm.  A sheet (4x8) of expanded metal was pretty cheap, and it was
>enough to outfit a whole bunch of fighters.  I never paid for screening, I
>would just offer to fight for someone who had it.
>C. Scipio Hunger for Battle

The 16 ga. expanded metal works well for 3/4 inch "blunts" however, it doesn't
work at all for the nock end of an arrow. The openings need to be less than 1/4
inch in diameter to be effective in preventing entry. As others have said;
Lexan works as does perforated metal, as well any solid faceplate with hand
drilled holes would work as well, a heavy screen mesh with less than 1/4 inch
openings would also be effective. These "grills" can be added to existing
helms, inside or out, (with the exception being Lexan, it should be added to
the inside of the helm) they would be removable so the helm can be used in the
"normal" fashion... Comments?
Waes Thu Hael...kinfolk

Sir Kief

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."


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