ANST - Measuring Bows

Chuck Graves Chuck_Graves at
Wed Aug 27 08:41:58 PDT 1997

>1. My understanding has always been that what you have at the=20 
>beginning of a battle is it. No gleaning, no borrowing. YOU must 
>have=20 the arrows YOU shoot inspected before the round. That rather=20 
>eliminates the borrowing scenario.

Actually, no gleaning means you are not allowed to reshoot arrows until 
they are reinspected--arrows get stepped on.  If the fellow next to you 
dies, you are not breaking the rules:  a) their arrows were inspected 
prior to battle (just like yours) and b) their arrows are not being 
reshot (they never left the quiver).
>2. Cheating is pretty easy. I have yet to see a war where it would=20 
>not be simple to switch bows after inspection. A shorter string 
>would=20 do it too. Probably lots of other possibilities. If someone is 
>trying=20 to cheat, they will find a way.

So long as we stick to maintaining a "standard", the things you have 
pointed out are not "cheating".  You hold everyone to the same mark.  It 
makes life easier on the marshal's and allows someone to pass their 
equipment to another fighter if need be.  It is not uncommon at all in 
war scenarios to change weapons forms--lose an arm on the bridge and 
trade your spear for a sword or shield.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with switching bows.  The most important 
part is that no uninspected bows (or arrows) get on to the field.
>3. The whole borrowing scenario seems a bit farfetched as something=20 
>on which to base this severe of a limitation.

I certainly agree with that.  

Personally, I'd rather not see new rules added to "even the playing 
field".  Face it, every time you enter a fighting scenario someone has 
an advantage--whether it's height, strength, endurance, experience, you 
name it.  Changing the rules in the manner that's been suggested 
attempts to artificially remove some of those advantages for archery.  
I don't see the need for it.  

Inspect armor, inspect arms, insure safety--that's what's needed.



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