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Kief responds to me: (major edit)
<<I've also been hit in armored joints with
great swords and polearms... Even with the armor protecting my joints I don't
believe that TM's (tm) hit as hard as the heavy weapons... 'Course I'm a
thick, muscular fellow. a person of slighter build may well take too much

I'm not referring to joints, but to the actual knee cap.  a hit from an odd
angle on a knee cap could send it sideways.  It isn't supposed to do that.
(editted again)
<<Thanks, Iago, for the candid response. I am in agreement with most every
you made. Do you have an opinion on Balder Blunts (tm) yet? They seem to hit
"softer" than TM's. I like them much better than TM's...>>

Haven't seen 'em in action enough to really to form an opinoin.  

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