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Tue Aug 26 23:36:28 PDT 1997

Heilsa Don Dor....drat, now where did I drop that character?!

>> (The West Kingdom , I believe, have either fixed or
>> removable "screen" type grills that fasten to the regular helm. 

>1. Let's phase in fiberglass ASAP. I think we are doing this. No 
>broken shafts means no pointy sticks.

Almost correct...the problem isn't broken shafts. The nock ends are the same
basic size as the shafts...they _are_ the pointy sticks. Of course it becomes a
moot point (pardon the pun) if the grill / mesh idea is adopted.

>2. The grill just seems like a damn clever idea. I would have agreed 
>with Larkin that it is a stretch to ask the armored folks to modify 
>their stuff so I could play -- until I realized that such grills cost 
>about $1-$2 and can be quickly taped to the helm. Piece of cake. 


>3. <snipped>...if you think getting hit with a Thistle Missile from 15 feet 
>hurts from a 30 lb bow, try it from a 50 pounder! Ouch!

No. I don't want to try...!

>Yes, I have suggested the gorgets and Baldar Blunts. The archery 
>marshal told me that Baldars would be almost certainly be banned from 
>rapier due to their similarity to the Thistle Missile.

Perhaps a bit of testing first?!!

>I would LIKE to see helms all around. <snipped> ...a heavy helm makes it very
>difficult to call any rapier head shots that I do not see come in. A 
>perf metal face would complete the rig.
>Not only would I like to have such a helm, I would like to see an 
>armorer continue to offer them to others. I imagine the day when we 
>simply do not have masks on the field.

While that is a very nice thought, it might just be a good bit of time before
it becomes even close to reality. Would be quite the spectacle wouldn't it
>> Next I'd like to solicit comments on archery on the melee field in
>> general. I would like to propose, at any War or melee, the doubling
>> of the number of battles... *grin* The first battle would have
>> archery. At the end of the encounter the field would be gleaned of
>> all missile weapons. Then the fight would be repeated, but WITHOUT
>> the archery. This would give the archers and marshals time to
>> separate and inspect the missile weapons without a delay in the
>> overall fighting.
>Cool thought. You know, there is nothing to keep you from doing it 
>now. Propose it for an up coming event -- Fall melees...Gulf War -- 
>and get the fight-o-crat to go for it. If it works it might become 
>standard. If you believe in it, try it.

I do believe that it has been mentioned at a recent Gulf War meeting. Don't
quote me on that though, 'cause I don't know for sure.

>Don Doré

Waes Thu Hael...kinfolk

Sir Kief


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