ANST - Baldar blunts, bounce backs

harry billings psobaka at
Wed Aug 27 08:23:20 PDT 1997

For my two cents I would not want to be hit with a Baldar in rapier armor.
They are bigger 1 1/2" in diameter but are just as hard, because of better
arodynamics they fly faster hold their speed better. From what I can see
right now there are limited opportunities for combat archey in rapier (Too
Save a Queen and Seage of the Abbie) mabey some of the melee. Please tell me
I am wrong I will reauthorize and go shoot combat archery. 
The bounce back problem while we have yet to do serious dammage (please let
it continue). Screening is one cure the lextan is another. The lextan dose
not have to cover the compleate face area just eyes and down into the nose
area, about 2 or 3 inches. Yes a knock in the  mouth is going to bleed a lot
look realy bad but if you don't swallow it it should not be life threatening.
I have found in my testing of Baldar blunts that after a while they seem to
get dirty and tend to skip off a solid surface rather than grab, also as has
been pointed out spraying them with silicon spray will stop their habit of
I just recived an email from Sir Jon with a forwared message from the
Society Earl Marshel saying fiberglass was legale (longbow only) with Baldar
and Morak blunts (don't know what the Morak blunt is) I will get a
clarification on the heads made with uhmw. My prefernece is to use 1" long
by 1 1/4" for the head with foam on top of that. They don't come apart you
just cut the tape, but all the parts stay together. Till I can talk to Sir
Karl and Don Sebastian have fun.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort Kingdom of Ansteorra


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