ANST - Nock-proofing helms

James Crouchet jtc at
Wed Aug 27 03:33:54 PDT 1997

> I never cared for the look (very 20th century industrial) or feel
> (nose heavy) of the expanded metal grills.  What if we drilled holes
> in a lexan sheet?  It could be tucked inside the grill of a helm, so
> it wouldn't scratch and get tape-gummed, and the holes would allow
> us to breathe.  Am I missing something?

I guess this is a matter of personal taste. I cannot imagine anything 
more disruptive looking than a piece of plastic. Perf they had. If 
they didn't have expanded, I don't know why.

It would take a lot of holes to make Lexan breath even as well as 
perf. I wonder if it would not be more clever to leave this choice up 
to the individual.


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