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Wed Aug 27 18:38:50 PDT 1997

Heilsa Brother and Cousin...

Kief here...scribbling on HL Lorraine's time...

>Salut, Cozyns, 
>Lyonel aisai.
>In favor of the exapnded metal grills, Savein suggested:


>I never cared for the look (very 20th century industrial) or feel (nose
>heavy) of the expanded metal grills.  What if we drilled holes in a lexan
>sheet?  It could be tucked inside the grill of a helm, so it wouldn't
>scratch and get tape-gummed, and the holes would allow us to breathe.  Am I
>missing something?
>lo vostre por vos servir
>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

Correct...expanded metal, IMO, is as ugly as it gets. Lexan also has it's bad
points in looking very "modern". I would also think that if we drilled enough
holes in Lexan to let a good bit of air in it would not only weaken it, but
interfere with the Lexan's "visibility factor" (Kind of like drilling holes in
any clear plastic. The edges of the holes become points of diffraction or
opaque...) I prefer the perforated metal concept myself. It is a "period"
treatment of a metal plate and looks good as well... There are a few problems
inherent with perf. metal...but these are easily overcome.  
Hopefully, I've helped clear up (pardon the pun) some of the questions on the
use of Lexan... Another good suggestion has been "hardware" cloth with 1/4 inch
or smaller mesh... This would work well and also looks better than expanded
metal... Cheaper than Lexan and perf. plate as well... *smile*
Wael Thu Hael

Sir Kief

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