ANST - Goof Toobs

Tori Gustafson gustav at
Thu Aug 28 08:41:19 PDT 1997

>> Heilsa all Good Ansteorran Chivalric fighters...
>> Kief here...using more of HL Lorraine's time....
> As others have said;
>> Lexan works as does perforated metal, as well any solid faceplate with hand
>> drilled holes would work as well, a heavy screen mesh with less than 1/4
>> openings would also be effective. These "grills" can be added to existing
>> helms, inside or out, (with the exception being Lexan, it should be
added to
>> the inside of the helm) they would be removable so the helm can be used
in the
>> "normal" fashion... Comments?
>I like the idea of face guards in an archery situation...My question is
>would a lexan face shield take a good hit from 15 feet or 10 feet for
>that matter, by a rabbit blunt? The gentle was right in saying that no
>one would have trouble calling them, even Dino-brains.  Also Keif, I
>love the idea of multiple fightings in the same senario with and without
>archery....every fight
>Alrek Kanin pat.pend.

Gustav Hastings here, 

Does anyone know how the Lexan face shield will hold up against a good,
hard rattan sword strike to the face?  So far the only discussion that I
have read has been against the arrow impact.


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