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>> Gee, that's exactly what I thought when I was being taught how to
>> hold an epee.  Imagine my surprise when the goofy way turned out to
>> be the right way for fighting with that weapon. :)
>Yes, you use the grip that hundreds of years of practice have taught 
>us works best. I just want to do the same with my bow.

It would be nice, but unfortunately the marshals will insist that we
wear the helm :)

>> It's the nature of the beast. Archers in period would not be
>> required to wear helmets so they have more anchor points to draw to.
>> If you want to be anal about being period [not saying you are, mind.
>> ] try to draw the way the Roman Archers did, straight back to the
>> middle of the chest - very ineffective.
>How about if I follow the French and English method and draw back to 
>my face? A lot of folks in period did things poorly. Others did 
>things well. I would rather copy those who did well.

So would I, but the marshall will still insist that I wear the helm.

>> What I was trying to get across was that combat archery and target
>> archery are also apples and oranges. Perhaps just as different as
>> fighting with rattan is different than rapier fighting.
>As an experienced archer, I simply do not agree. They are different, 
>but only as different as, say, rapier with foils and rapier with 
>doublewide epees.

Then we agree that they do differ. The difference is that you can draw
to your face if you aren't wearing the helm. You can't if you are and
. . . the marshals will still insist the we wear the helm.

>Then let me be clear. The current methodology cripples smaller 
>archers. I do not think that anything we gain from this so-called 
>standardization is worth that loss.

I don't see how smaller archers are being crippled any more than the
rest of us by having to wear a helm.  My draw is 26.25" without a helm
and 24.5" with a helm. How is the current methodology crippling me?
Sorry, I just don't see it.

> My opinion was not formed by 
>discussing archery by e-mail, but by shooting in wars, bow hunting 
>(but NEVER with a compound) and target shooting. 

Well, at present, e-mail, target shooting and reading books are my
only ways of gaining information on which to base an opinion. I will
not bow hunt but look forward to shooting in wars (maybe by Gulf Wars

>I will only step back this position when:
>1. I am convinced that the current method prevents a significant 
>risk of injury

What's the alternative?  Unlimited poundage? No helmets for archers?

>2. I am shown that I can shoot just as far and accurately with a 28 
>inch arrow and draw as with a 19 inch arrow and draw, both at 30 
Yeah, right!  Oink, Oink, flap, flap. "See the pretty piggies in the
sky daddy?"   <GR>

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