ANST - Treatment of new people (was [Fwd. Incognito,a sad experience])

Carl John Hess cjhess at
Thu Aug 28 11:32:39 PDT 1997


> May the dream be preserved in spite of us.
> Lord Davydd of Isles
> I, for one, feel distressed that this could happen anywhere, especially
> in a place that I have found to be friendly and welcoming.  And I feel
> for all the times at large events that I was so self-involved as to
> any of those around me that are trying to find their way in our Society.

I have been following this story on the Rialto, and this is pretty much
what I figured would happen. I have been in and out of the SCA for 8 years,
and although I am somewhat reluctant to say so, this good knight's story
does not surprise me. The SCA tends to be a very tight clique. No matter
how much we all want to help out newbies, they seem to get pushed aside in
favor of our personal agendas. I have been as guilty of this in the past as

I was very lucky that I found the SCA through a well-established household,
and had many opportunities that most newbies don't.  Had I not been
introduced by such a supporting group, I doubt would have gone to event
number two, let alone come back after a 4 year hiatus.

I would like to compliment Ansteorra, specifically the Steppes and Elfsea,
on their willingness to help out a newbie (or oldbie, prodigal son, etc.),
their friendliness, and their welcoming manner.  I was truly impressed when
I went to the Elfsea fight practice, was shown the loaner armor, and then
encouraged to suit-up.  I was given foam for my gorget. I was directed to
retail stores where I could get materials for armor.  And I was given all
the advice I could have ever hoped for about fighting in Ansteorra.

I have yet to attend an event here, but when I do, I have a feeling I will
be treated with the same respect, encouragement and  acceptance I have
found in Ansteorra so far.

C. Scipio Cinncinatvs  AKA Carl Hess
cjhess at

Tela nostra nihil nobis prosunt in illos!
Our weapons are useless against them!

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