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Would this experience possibly happen in our fair kingdom?

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>I am forwarding this sad tale as a reminder to all good gentles in our
>fair Kingdom of the importance of noticing newcomers and treating them
>well. I must add that in my brief time in the Outlands, and my long time
>in Calontir, the experiences related by this good gentle were rare, at
>least to my knowledge. However, I know that here in al-Barran there is
>being a big focus on finding and keeping newcomers. Thought this might
>add to that focus.

>In service--
>Ms. Aidan Cocrinn, OL
>Barony of al-Barran

On the advice of members from the rialto, a put away my belt and spurs, I
hung up my chain and donned my red sweat pants, my brite blue 50/50 T-tunic
and a pair of laced up snadals for a venture into the sca as a newbie.
A little background, I am twenty-seven, I have been a member of the
society for twenty five years. My parents help to found the Kingdom in
which I dwell. I have set on the knee of kings and queens, I have listened
to the original pelicans and laurels debate seams, I have cried while
listening to a bardic ode and I have wept when they buried a wonderful lady
who was given the title dowager princess for a lifetime of achievment. I
have grown up in the society, what I am, I am becuase of it. I have dreamed
the dream and lived the life.
I am ashamed.
I visited a fair kingdom, a days drive away from my own. In my newbie
attire I decided to see what life was like. 
I am no saint, I have seen new comers befor, I have made jokes about what
kind of animal you kill to get polyester and where the fabled naga of
nagahide lives. I have watched as they attempted to make their way in
unfamiliar territory, but always figured that it was the responsibilty of
someone else to take care of them, to show them the ropes, to introduce
them about.
In this fair kingdom that shall remain nameless ( their signel is a Black
Star ), I went to a day long event. I showed up early in the morning at the
very onset of things. Following the instructions given by ageless sages I
volunteered to help with set up. I was ignored repeatedly by the Autocrat
in charge. I set up my chair to watch the days event unfold. I was ordered
to move out of the way so that a group of laughing courtiers could have a
better line of site.
On my way to the restroom I overheard the snicker of several persons about
my attire, coming in and going out.
By noon , no one had really said a single word to me, other that to move.
I was in the midst of a very large crowd.I tried to mingle, I tried to
introduce myself but to no avail. The hospitaliar of the local group simply
wanted to know if i was a paying member and then he turned his back on me.
I did not bother to stay for the feast.
Had I been a true newbie, I would have dusted the dirt of the sca from my
feet and been on my way.
I will return to my own fair realm, I will volunteer my services to the
hospitalar, i will pledge my household to watching after newbies, I will
lay aside my best for the golden key.
I have come away from this experience a whole lot wiser and a lot more
May the dream be preserved in spite of us.
Lord Davydd of Isles

I, for one, feel distressed that this could happen anywhere, especially here
in a place that I have found to be friendly and welcoming.  And I feel guilty
for all the times at large events that I was so self-involved as to ignore
any of those around me that are trying to find their way in our Society.

Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir
Barony of Namron

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