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Chuck Graves Chuck_Graves at
Thu Aug 28 09:35:59 PDT 1997

Greetings, all.

>My opinion on the combat archery is that we should keep the standard 
>draw distance for our measurements. And in particular, the rule 
>against gleaming or borrowing another archer's arrows. 

The rules state that "wooden shafted arrows" (and eventually any 
fiberglass ones under consideration) cannot be gleaned--that means 
reused.  Inspections of wooden shafted arrows are good for one 
firing--that's all.  

The rules do not preclude "borrowing", which I take to mean using a 
fallen comrade's arrows.  The rules also allow for gleaning golf tube 
arrows during a scenario with re-inspection between scenarios.

>I think it is all too easy for an archer used drawing say, a 30 inch 
>arrow to draw a quickly picked up 28 inch arrow past the safe draw 
>point. It is true that we don't have points on our combat arrows, but 
>I think the danger in this out-wieghs the slight gain.

It is an interesting concern when you consider how difficult it is to 
draw past the head of a combat arrow.  The head tends to preclude such 
an overdraw.  The concern would certainly be valid for standard target 
points, which can slide right past the bow rest.  However, a 1 1/4" 
head on a 5/16" shaft is a much different animal.

By the way, the rules state that the maximum length of a combat arrow 
shaft is 28".  Since we have been discussing overdrawing of late, can 
someone tell me if the rules have changed to allow longer shaft 


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