ANST - Gleaning / barrowing arrows wood firberglass arrows

harry billings psobaka at
Thu Aug 28 10:23:35 PDT 1997

You can NOT glean arrows form the field you can barrow arrows that have not
been fierd/hit the gorund from an other archer. That is why arrows are
supposed to be marked for a 28" draw, if not marked the base of the cone is
presumed to be 28".
Any arrow that hits the ground must be reinspected before being fired in any
combar archery. This is not a hard rule to unger stand is it? If an arrow
hits the ground it is considered to be fired and must be reinspected before
being used again. What part of this is unclear.
Plachoya Sobaka a most insignificant archer in Ravens Fort Kingdom of Ansteorra


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