cloven fruit

J'lynn Yeates jyeates at
Wed Feb 5 04:53:45 PST 1997

> Yes, I believe the original poster was serious. And frankly, I believe
> that anyone treating a properly presented cloved fruit as a hand-grenade
> is being rude and obnoxious. 

no more rude and obnoxious than some the drooling cretin who use's 
what was once a harmless and fun "tradition" to force their 
attentions on those who do not desire them.  

on several occasions i've seen this tradition mis-used in the wrong 
environ ... last one was a pagan gathering those who wouldn't 
take no for an answer (in this case, a notorious SCAdian dweeb who 
had/has a reputation of being a annoying twit who constantly hit on 
anything with breasts).  in this case, (and otthers) the person 
continued to press after they were declined, whille getting 
increasingly physical, all the while hiding behind the mask of "but 
it's a harmless game". 

in this case my intercession was called by the lady being
"molested".  i had to shift in from the dark to deal with the fool
in question (all it required was a short and explicit explanation
about what was about to happen to him unless he immediately faded
away and never harassed any person under my protection in the

in my opinion, it's been misued enough that it's become "tainted", 
and a object of humor and should fade into well-deserved oblivion.

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