Desparately seeking Phillipa...

Casey Weed nextristan at
Wed Feb 5 21:58:12 PST 1997

I've tried to send this twice today and it hasnt seemed to stick yet- here
it goes AGAIN.

Hey folks,

Dieterich hier, ja sure, by golly!  Need a little help:

Does anyone know how to contact the good lady Phillipa who will be attending
the coming Estrella War.  I wasn't sure until just recently if I was going
or not and my ladywife and I wish to get ahold of the large caravan that
will be heading that way... I understand she is in charge.  Post me an
e-mail address here or privately if you can help.

Who says two wars in two months is too much??


PS Anyone else who is interested in going, please feel free to e-mail me for
the details; Ansteorra's attendance at this little fete is becoming more and
more anticipated each year with larger and larger numbers of us involved.
And it's a great place to plan Trimaris's demise, don't you think??

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