Ansteorra On-Line Award Voting Resul

Pug Bainter pug at
Thu Feb 6 05:42:22 PST 1997

> I know that at least one nominator did not vote (myself, as compiler of the 
> votes). The originator of the award did not vote. As list maintainer, could 
> you let us know an approximate average count of accounts subscribed? Number 
> of voters as a percentage of subscribers might be interesting. It could also 
> be unbearably depressing, come to think of it.

I think it'd be depressing, but hey.

     187 ansteorra
      47 ansteorra-digest
     234 total

So that makes a little less than 10% of the current populace voting. If
you take me, you and Galen into account, we get to exactly 10% accounted
for. If we assume that all 20 people didn't vote, we'd have ~39 people
accounted for. Making the percentage ~17%. I think/hope that's even less
than the average voting percentage for real elections.

> Remember also that each nominator had three possible nominees, and only 
> three votes later.  Even with the duplications among nominations, I was 
> actually a little surprised (and pleased, in a way) that 16 individuals 
> received votes.

Ahh. That's right, so if everyone could have 3 nominees, that would only
need about 9 people doing the original nominations. (Counting the
duplicate nominations I remember of the top of my head.) So we then have
over 200% of the nominating populace voting. That's a much better


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