Subject: Boy's Life blurb

Hugh Niewoehner hughn at
Wed Feb 5 23:58:23 PST 1997


>Someone should find the highest ranking Peer who was also a Boy Scout
>(Eagle, preferably), and have HIM contact the BSA. Negotiate for an
>ARTICLE on the SCA (which we naturally provide, along with color
>photographs) which shows the athletic/educational/service aspects of our
>international organization in a positive light.

With respect to this comment I think the northern region has a great 
report with the Scouts.  The Cleveland OK site is a Boy Scout ranch 
and Ranger Roger seems to get along well with us.   I believe both 
Moonschadowe and Northkeep have had on going discussions about the 
installation of perminant improvements to the site designed with us 
in mind but usable by the scouts.  
Also, my ladies brother is a perminant Boy Scout.  When the scout 
ranch decided last summer to do a month on the theme of knights and 
chivalry, he came over asked questions and borrowed a number of our books to get 
ideas.  The scout council then built a castle section which he said he 
designed specifically to be able to take the abuse of the SCA as well 
as the kids.  This leads me to think that camp may be open to 
approach as a site as well.  
Finally, I don't know about other areas of the kingdom but Northkeep's 
spring schedule is flooded with requests to demo at annual Blue and 
Gold dinners for scout groups.  


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