Cloved Fruits and Kissing "Games"

Marc D McKeeman marcusmac at
Thu Feb 6 11:51:30 PST 1997

On Thu, 6 Feb 1997 05:44:16 -0600 gunnora at (Gunnora Hallakarva)
>Heilsa, All.
>        Mari cogently explained the origins of the Bjornsborg custom >of
>treating cloved fruits as though they were explosives that could kill.>
>        Stefan continues to protest that the "hand grenade" approach >to
>cloved fruit is a Bad Thing and rude.
>>        Personally, I have never been offered a cloved fruit by anyone
>who I
>would have wanted to have touch me, much less kiss any portion of my 
>anatomy>or even the dust in my footprints.  In general (my experience,
>mileage>may vary), the types of geeks who typically turn up with cloved
>at an>event are so awful that I'd rather pour gasoline over myself and
>it>before taking a cloved fruit from them.  
>        If you are the sort of person who is not perceptive enough to 
>be>able to tell if someone is likely to welcome a cloved fruit, you have

>no>business playing this "game" with them.  I say "game" as I feel that 
>the>whole cloved fruit schtick is all too often a form of coercion 
>practiced by>losers who can't get kissed any other way... and if someone
tries to 
>refuse>they use peer pressure and the "it's only a game" line to twist
>recipient's arm.
>        Let the cloved fruit purveyors beware.  Bjornsborgers (and 
>those who>"grew up" in Bjornsborg) are almost certainly going to pull a
>scream>"INCOMING!", throw the offending fruit as far and hard as
>away from>their general vicinity and then fall flat to the ground.  If
you don't 
>want>your precious cloved fruit (not to mention your self-esteem)
>in this>way, DON'T OFFER US CLOVED FRUIT!!!

You have nothing to fear from this end, Sorry it seems you all, have
forgotten how to have a little fun. Something that can give some of us a
little feeling of hay, I might like to get to know you better.  The fruit
can be an ICE breaker.    YOU are intitled to your opinion.    That has
been seen already before on this board, and no matter what any one else
has to say, It really dosnt matter,.  

Some one asks a simple question about the Fruit thing and there has to an
army attack,.  OH well, some of still find ways of having fun, in this so
called game. While others seem to have no other life.
>Gunnora Hallakarva
>Ek eigi visa (th)ik hversu o(dh)lask Lofstirrlauf-Kruna
>heldr hversu na Hersis-A(dh)al

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