Subject- Boy's Life blur

Chris Walden cmwalden at
Thu Feb 6 07:07:38 PST 1997

On  6 Feb 97 Mark Harris wrote:

> Interesting. I wonder why you can get use of Boy Scout facilities and
> we can't. We've always been turned down by BSA here in Austin. But
> surprisingly (to me anyway), we have been able to hold events at
> Girl Scout camps.

I know for a fact that some members of Bryn Gwlad have helped out at a major 
Girl Scout event recently.  I imagine it`s a matter of back scratching.  If we 
made more of a solid connection and helped the scouts with things like archery 
and such I`ll bet it would be easier to use their facilities.

Anyone have good Boy Scout connections that we could start to spread our wealth 
a little?

M. Antoine Doré
Pour vous servir.

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