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On Mon, 10 Feb 1997, V. Allan Endel wrote:

> At 08:41 AM 2/10/97 +0800, you wrote:
> >at times had been mistakenly likened to satanist, cultist, ect., but that this
> >was probably only urban legend.  Let me tell you that it is not.  
> >L. Crystal Berringer
> No it is definitely not urban legend. One of my group's posters ended up
> with a scribbled note indicating that we were some kind of S&M cult because
> of the combat. Naturally the scribbler didn't sign his/her name, but as the
> poster was in the university library where I work, it was likely a college
> student.
> Alan
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	Slight interuption from a Calontiri Lurker:
	At a demo for a small town in Missouri, (name withheld to protect
the ignorant), I was present to demo Bardic arts.  The next day, one of
the people I had met was nice enough (?) to invite me to church in that
	Mundanely, I am a Southern Baptist.  This seemed like a nice
	To my shock, the minister actually refered to the "Pagan, devil
worshiping group" that had been in the park that Saturday.
	I had a long talk with the minister after church.  His inspiration
had been the costumes and the fighting.  He agreed that if we had been
playing football he wouldn't have been half so inspired to blast us.
	The information should get out.  Until it does, the best we can
hope for is polite misunderstanding.  The "Boy's Life" article is hardly
the worst thing that we can face.
	By the by, the minister was Episcopal!
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