On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

E.Preston III & Shelly K.Walker wf3 at icok.net
Mon Feb 10 22:47:36 PST 1997

William H. Herron III wrote:

> 1)  Does the standard Release for Publication (in your Black Star) grant
> the permission to the Kingdom Chronicler to reproduce the material in
> any official (Corporate-owned) SCA publication, including a Kingdom
> Newsletter on the Web?  (That's the legal question)  And should it?
> (That's the everyman's question).

Well, here's my opinion for what it's worth. No, I don't think the
current release form covers the web. I do think a quick change of the
release form could include the yes/no area of do you want this info on
the web. If the desire is no, don't publish the officer or autocrat's
phone number, that event announcement should be left off the Black Star
web site except for the blurb in the calendar of events. 
If anyone wishes their phone numbers to be left off the web, that wish
should be followed. If a new and interested person has found the
Ansteorran site, and wishes to follow up, there are email listings
available. Perhaps not yet for every group in the known world, but close
enough to get information and locations. The web can be just too broad
an area for some, especially if they think their phone numbers have ever
been picked off the web for solicitation or harrassment.
Sadly, I think the Black Star on line is a waste of yours and Ld.
Barat's time if it doesn't include event announcements.
Britta the Red
Gnomon Vale


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