SCA NewsNets

Michael Heydon Marrock at
Mon Feb 10 13:49:18 PST 1997

Would everyone please send to me a copy of any and all S.C.A. based news group 
mailers like Ansteorra at for the Known World you have hidden in your 
address books.

Could I also get a copy of other chroniclers addresses for our Kingdom and 
those which border ours.  Again a compiled list to whomever requests it.

I understand I will get a lot of duplicates, but that is what auto-sort is 
for.  I will be happy to send a copy of the finished list to whomever requests 

Please send any address and/or requests to the personal contact listed below.

Thank you.

Professional Contact:				Personal Contact:
M. D. Heydon							Lord Marrock Viltár Hár
Entrepreneur 							Premier Drighton of Northkeep
mdheydon at						marrock at
I march to the beat of a			Argent Hare Tricorporate
different saxophone player			on a Vert background

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