Ansteorran Hospitalers

William H. Herron III wherron at
Mon Feb 10 19:27:25 PST 1997

> >The hospitler ... (quoting from Kingdom Law Article II section 11)
> >... shall be responsible for the advertising and public relations of 
> >the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc ....

> The Kingdom seneschal's office issued guidelines for official public
> contact with the media a few years back.

Does the Kingdom Seneschal's guidelines override the Kingdom Hospitaler,
who is granted the responsibility of public relations in Kingdom Law?  

> The practice has ment that the seneschal's, hospitaller, and other
> long standing members (usually peers and nobility) are able to speak
> for the SCA.

But it remains the local, regional, and Kingdom Hospitaler's
responsiblity, right?

> However you must remember that you are speaking as a private
> individual not the SCA.

And we should discuss sometimes what distinguishes a private individual
(a member of the Society, in garb and persona) from the SCA, especially
in an environment like Medieval Fair.

> Remember that in this Kingdom the buck eventually stop with the
> seneschal.  That is where the statement that it is the seneschal's job 
> comes from.

Once again, Sir Burke, I am amazed at your ability to overlook our
governing documents.  That's not what our Laws say!  You and I had this
same discussion concerning incipient groups (in this forum).  You agreed
that our Kingdom Law says one thing, then you say that you feel it's
wrong and "'s what was meant".

You are the Deputy Kingdom Seneschal (and congradulations, by the way). 
Your opinions must reflect the guidelines contained in Corpora and
Kingdom Law.  You can not make a public statement (even in here!) of
your interpretation of the governing documents, if that interpretation
violates those documents.  To do so violates the Ansteorran Kingdom Law,
Article II, Section 3a (General Duties of Office) and the related parts
of Corpora.

I'm sorry, and I hate to do this in such a public place.  But I keep
losing my decorum where you and your actions are involved.

HL William FitzBubba
Namron, Ansteorra

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