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R o W robertwestmar at
Mon Feb 10 17:48:07 PST 1997

i don't think you actually contradicted me.      me----"Forbidden 'on
line' announcement  of sca event & times."   you----"exact location of an
event site cannot be announced in an open electronic forum"      
me----"forbidden to disclose a method of reaching the 'contact person'
unless prior permission is granted."     you-----"no ones name, address,
etc. will be published on the Web without their prior permission"        
all sounds the same to me   :)  :)    since you're the Ansteorran
ombudsman  & i am a former Middle&East ombudsman,  perhaps we can
exchange ideas at the Mists Games.  Thankyou tho for keeping me accurate.
    I'll let you know the results of the discussion with the other sca
journalists who have contacted me at my work email.    

On Mon, 10 Feb 1997 14:28:28 -0800 Lee Forgue <eilis at>
>At 04:00 PM 2/10/97 EST, R o W wrote:
>>Some groups don't WANT new members.   Example--  the West Kingdom (of 
>>places!!) seneschal has Forbidden 'on line' announcement of sca event
>>locations & times.   Further; it is forbidden to disclose a method of
>>reaching the 'contact person' unless prior permisssion is granted.   
>>has been years since an attempt at a press release has been seen.  
>>Apparently the West Kingdom (at least) is a 'secret society'.  
>Robert, I hate to contradict you in public, but I think I may be the 
>other Westerner on the Ansteorrran list.
>The West Kingdom policy is that the exact location of an event site 
>be announced in an open electronic forum.  This is took keep events 
>being overwhelmed by people who have no idea what's happening.  It's 
>to publish a description of the event along with a contact person.  
>insures that everyone who shows up at least knows that the SCA is 
>about the
>Middle Ages.  This applies primarily to the Web and to the Rialto -- 
>Kingdom mailing list is more private.
>It's also WK policy that no one's name, address, etc. will be 
>published on
>the Web without their prior permission.  This only makes sense in 
>days of disaffected ex-husbands, etc.
>  --- eilis o'boirne, Western lurker on the Ansteorran list

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