On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

eric caladin at mail.io.com
Tue Feb 11 00:04:44 PST 1997

>1)  Does the standard Release for Publication (in your Black Star) grant
>the permission to the Kingdom Chronicler to reproduce the material in
>any official (Corporate-owned) SCA publication, including a Kingdom
>Newsletter on the Web?  (That's the legal question)  And should it? 
>(That's the everyman's question).

I agree with the general opinion so far that with out contact and event
annoucments there is little pont in having th BS on line...

therefor, it foloows the whether the release odes or does not it should,
the idea of check boxes for don't post me, and don't post announcment, is
simple and effective...

>2)  How do we balance the privacy of warranted officers (to include
>autocrats in event announcements) against the need for information?  If
>we completely remove the "official" SCA presence from the Web, then we
>miss out on a segment of the population which may prove to be future
>members of the Society.  In addition, we contribute to a lack of
>information about our organization (and give any opponents to the
>Society a chance to make up whatever they want about us).

They're officers, if they want off the list let them, otherwise publish them...

you might post a notice in the BS and give them a month to tell you before
putting it back

>3) <snip barrister speak>


>4)  What information >should< appear on the "official" SCA web site for
>our area (in my case, http://www.ansteorra.org), or in an online
>representation of the Kingdom Newsletter?  Should Great Officers of
>State reports be there?  Lesser Officers of State?  The Kingdom Calendar
>(in an unofficial capacity)?   

Event Announcements, contact information, and a much of the othe stuff and
we can wheedle the chronicler into putting in...

>Remember, this is an unofficial exercise.  I want to get some input from
>a small segment of the Society before I try to advise the Kingdom
>Chronicler on "where do we go from here".

I think havin this info inlline in an excellent resource, I've already used
it to tempt oldtimers back into the fold by letting them find out when
events were, I guess now I'll have to tell them i was wrong.. to bad, Just
because they let their m-ship lapse, does not me i would not like to get
them back in... yno...

to 'oh powerful chronicler dude'... the maps and stuff are great, but do you
think we could have the "semester at a glance" calader/index back in the
black star? if not on the back flap then on a facing page, I use(d) it all
the time a feel the lack of it sorely...


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