On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

V. Allan Endel endel at tarleton.edu
Tue Feb 11 06:25:11 PST 1997

At 12:10 AM 2/11/97 -0600, you wrote:

>I think a Black Star Web page lacking event announcements and a
>directory is useless.
>I would say that The Black Star is one publication that happens to be
>put out in two formats: one printed and sent to subscribers, one
>electronic on the web, and that the chronicler's officer may put info
>into either edition as may prove convenient.  (Add a proviso that in
>case of disagreement and in the absence of other information the
>printed copy should be considered authoritative.  "Other info" means,
>on the Web page, "They lost their site!  The new site is ...").
>At the minimum for event announcements, I'd say to make it clear on
>the Submission Policies page that it goes in both or it goes in
>neither.  I would say the same for officer's communications, Great
>Officers contact info, and the kingdom calendar (official and
>tentative planning).

>Daniel de Lincoln
>                             Tim McDaniel

I agree completely.

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