On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

J'lynn Yeates jyeates at bga.com
Mon Feb 10 03:01:53 PST 1997

> I know some of the individuals in question have unlisted phone numbers.
> (Or so they think. I still found some of them in the online search
> engines.) As well, some of them didn't want their name associated with the
> SCA for concerns of persecution(sp) in the mundane world. (ie. at church,
> at work, etc) These people shouldn't play this game if it is that dangerous
> to their mundane life and it will detrimentally affect other parts of their
> lives.

same issue has come up repeatedly in some of the other non-mainstream 
circles i run in.  in all cases, including here, the answer is the 
same.  being a responsible party / officer carries with it a higher 
than normal profile by the nature of the job. 

this is something that should be understood by common sense and
something that all parties must accept along with the duties
involved in the position.  per your comments, if the individuals 
don't wish this higher than normal profile, then they should not 
persue these positions.

for the truely paranoid, there is no reason that their actual name be 
used, additional (temporary) phone lines are available to protect 
their primary one, and any number of email forwarding services exist.


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