Ducal perogative

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At 09:48 AM 2/20/97 -0600, you wrote:
>>From what I remember, Ducal perogative started out in the dim past in, I
believe, the Middle Kingdom.  Seems there was a rule that one of the duties
of Knighthood was the obligation to fight in Crown unless granted an excuse
by the current Majesties.  The idea came up that Dukes had served their
Kingdom sufficiently so that they did not have to fight if they didn't wish
to without having to gain the Crown's permission.
>I'm not sure if this is the total and true origins but this is what I have

This is an interesting twist on an old subject that I have pondered a time
or two... let's take it a step further:

Are knights obligated to fight in crown or should only those wishing to
press their claim enter?


The idea of Ducal Perogative has often been viewed as "spoiling" the list...
comments anyone?

Thanks for such a rich topic, Timo!

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