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Well I am not/never been an A&S minister, but I have been a seneschal and a
guide principle so here is my 2 cents....

> What are guilds?
a group of people with a common (A&S related) interest

> What are their purpose?
improve A&S in the SCA by helping people with similar interest to share

> What do you do in them?
> How are they run?
> How often should they meet? 
I have to address these questions as a group.  I think this is where many
groups have a problem.  Guilds are much less structured in the SCA than any
other single thing.  How you answer each question depends on a number of

Type of guild.
Type of guild members
Groups Populous
Idea of A&S Mininster
Idea of guild principle/s

Let me give some examples in the group I was in, the Dance guild met every
week for about 4 hours and had about 30 people attend every week.  However for
instance other guilds met once or twice a month for only an hour or two and
had only 3-4 people attend.

This is not in any way to make any judgements about these guilds, but is more
to point out that with a little assistance, a group can hit an equilibrium
where guilds meet often enough and long enough to make the members happy and
keep them coming.  I think that the Senechal, A&S minister and any guild
prinicle needs to keep this in mind.  Guild must be dynamic enough to change
with the populous' needs/desires.

Oh, one more point while I am on this.  Make sure that everyone understands
that Guild principles are volunteers.  These are not people to "teach" you
everything about a subject.  They are not the ones to "do" A&S for you.  They
can certainly help you with anything they want, but don't expect them to hold
your hand.  = ) I like to think of them as "facilitators" they help to
organize the group and help the group do what they want.  (And guilds really
can function without guild principles or with multiple guild principles, again
this depends on the needs of the guild.

> What are some "basic" guilds that each group should have?

There are lots of active guilds across the kingdom.  I suggest that instead of
asking what type you should have.  Try this exercise.  At the next populous
meeting - pass around a list and ask each person to fill in their name, phone
#, and their interest.  Give choices like ...

Then you can compile this list and see where it gets you.  The next obvious
step might be to just help people with similar interest get together.  Guilds
very often can just happen by having 3-4 people with similar interest get
together to work on their current project and swap ideas once a month.  It
doesn't have to be formal. = )

> How are reports handled?
> What is reported?
In an ideal situation, each guild would report to the A&S minister then the
A&S minister would compile this info for their report.  HOWEVER ...

This really depends on your A&S minister.  If you are trying to get guilds
started, I suggest you go easy on this subject.  Nothing will turn a volunteer
(would be guild principle) off like telling them that they have to submit a 12
page report in triplicate each month.  

If you are really serious about getting guilds started, you might just ask
each guild to report during your populous meeting and take notes until things
get off the ground.

> How do the guild leaders get info and assistance?
First, I think this question should read how do guilds get info, but I

To get A&S info/suggestions.
A&S Officers
Events Like - Kings College (Unsolicited Plug BTW it is in 2 weeks !!!)
Local memebers - I think this is the most over looked source of info.  I think
people are often amazed at how much info they have in their own group.  A
seamstress here, a chef there, a history student here .... 
Other Guilds (from other groups)

Everywhere - In the SCA I have found, that if you ask, people will be more
than happy to tell you what they know (think).

My humble ideas.
Crystal B.

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