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Tue Feb 11 10:31:33 PST 1997

Good Morning,

  Well I'm not an A&S minister, but I am a guild leader and attend 2
  others within our Barony, so I'll through my 2 cents in.

> What are guilds?

  Formal or informal meetings of people with a like A&S goal. I prefer
  informal structuring myself.

> What are their purpose?

  To promote their particular A&S field by improving, educating and
  expanding their members' (new and old) abilities.

> What do you do in them?

  Get drunk. Oh wait. That's only in the brewers' guild. *wink*

  We discuss and practice the different A&S topic at hand. (ie. brew a
  new batch, discuss why certain procedures work better than others, just
  how do you feed a batch while it's brewing and have a clue what the
  alcohol content will be and when the yeast will die from the alcohol)

> How are they run?

  Usually 1 or 2 individuals take the lead and try to direct the flow of
  the meeting.

> How often should they meet? 

  Depends on the people and the particular A&S field. I would say no
  less than once a month and no more than every other week. IMO, you
  could either get lack of directed interest or burnout if you go beyond
  those time periods.

> What are some "basic" guilds that each group should have?

  Brewers' guild. *grin*

  Every group should have? I don't think there are any since every
  population has different interests. The 3 most active groups in our
  barony, that I know of, are Brewers' guild, Music and Dance guild.
  The others we currently have are Scribes, Clothiers, Cooks, an Actors
  and French guild. As well, we have a monthly Craft Night to catch
  everything in.

> How are reports handled?


> What is reported?


> How do the guild leaders get info and assistance?

  Either through the A&S minister or others in the field they are trying
  to explore. (ie. the Laurels, Iris of Merits and Sable Thistles) The
  A&S minister should be able to tell you who or where to get more
  information if they don't already know themself. (This is the key to a
  good A&S minister. Not to mention the key element in being a good
  researcher interested in A&S or any other topic.)


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