On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Feb 11 12:48:31 PST 1997

> Why are we publishing the directory? Isn't that information already
> available on the "Ansteorran Web Page" already?

I had actually planned on removing some of my material due to it being
on the BlackStar web page. (No reason to duplicate work after all.) I now
am not certain what I am going to do. What I don't understand is the
sudden concern by some individuals *on* the net that the BS list is there
when the "Ansteorran Web Page" had it even under Viscount Galen's
management. (To this date, I do not know of these lists being used
detrimentally or malicously though.)

> No, the current release has not covered the issue of publication on the
> Net because it has not been standard practice. The release should include
> a choice to allow for publication on the net but not mandate it.

What does standard practice have to do with it? The release states that
they can be republished as the Chronicler sees fit. (Or something like

> It is not an all or nothing proposition. You can ask on the release form
> that if there is information on the event announcement that you do not
> wish to have appear on the internet then either the annoucement will not
> be put on the internet or an internet version could be included in the mailing.

Actually, I think it whould be an all or nothing thing. Barat has more
important things to do than put the BlackStar on-line. He was doing it
as a convience to us.

I, on the other hand, do not have any of the duties pertaining to the
BlackStar, and if all goes well will never.

> Officers info should be published - only if announced in advance of publishing-
> and be afforded the choice what information they wish to allow on the Internet.

I still waver on this one. I feel that if you are an officer, you are a
"public figure" and you should have it published in all matters of media
that information like this is being published. If you are unwilling to
do this, you should be unwilling to have the office. *shrug*

> I doubt if any groups when they use a site inform the owners how they are
> going to advertize. The expectation of the owner us usually that there
> would only be advertizing in publication to SCA members where only (locally)
> 2000 or so people and that only about 200 - 300 of these would show up.

I truly doubt that with even the most outrageous of numbers, that more
than a handful of "outsiders" would show up out of the blue anyway. It's
just not likely that enmass a large group of people would show up without
us directly inviting or mass-mailing to them.

The web is not a directed service. One must look for the information
they want. It is unlikely that someone find the Ansteorran web page
without going through lots of other pages that tell them what the SCA is
about. As well, there is information on the lead Ansteorran web page
that tells them what we are about and how to behave. You're right though
that we can't force feed this information to them though.

> If I remember rightly from when we had the BoD mess a few years back
> the officers in levels under the Board and Corporate level are 
> representatives but not officers of the Corporation. Or is it officers
> but not members of the corporation.

Officers and representatives of the corporation have the responsibility
to represent publically the corporation.

As well, the BoD (through www.sca.org) has links to the Ansteorran Group
listing web pages as they currently are. As well, An Tir (see below),
Atenveldt, Atlantian, Caid, Calontir, Drachenwald, the East, Meridies,
the Middle, the Outlands, Trimaris and the West (see below) all of links
with their officers information on them.

How many of these asked before doing it? I couldn't possibly say.

Do I personally think we should ask? No.

I do think we should make it known to officers that their information is
to be made public on the net and let them decide wheither to stay in
office though. (I still feel very strongly that officers *volunteered*
above and beyond the call of duty and are our public *and* Society presence.)

Not only does An Tir and the West have them listed, but they are hosted
within the "sca.org" system at:


How much more of a stamp of approval can we get? The BoD runs/appoints
sca.org don't they?

Do we only publish warranted officers? Do we publish all of them since
they volunteered for the exposure? How much personal information do we
publish? I don't know. (Different groups did varying degrees of
disclosure from Society name and phone number to everything. Personally,
I say all officers and all information.)

> The whole issue has always been very confusing.

No kidding.


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