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> Greetings from Ld Jovian,
> I would like some help clarifying some things. We're trying to breath 
> new life into our A & S in my shire and are trying to get some more 
> guilds off the ground. Here are some questions we have come up with...
> What are guilds?
In Elfsea, we have several guilds.  These are groups of individuals 
who share an interest in a particular topic/activity.

> What are their purpose?
To provide a forum for like-minded individuals.

> What do you do in them? 
Our Bardic Guild practices music, our dance guilds (we have two) 
practice dances, our clothiers guild share sources on costuming and 
how-to classes, our brewer's guild isn't quite up-and-running yet but 
I would imagine they would share recipes and brewer's/vintner's 
"secrets", our scribes and illuminators guild prepares scrolls and 
insignia for the local group as well as the kingdom.  I think you get 
the idea.

> How are they run?
We usually appoint a guild principle (by consensus) who keep notes 
and guides the guild along the path that will meet the guild's goals. 
Usually this is an informal position that sort of keeps track of 
where the guild will be meeting and is a general contact person for 
the barony.

> How often should they meet? 
They meet often enough to accomplish their goals.  Sometimes that 
means a once/month meeting.  If the bardic guild is preparing for a 
concert or a performance somewhere that could mean several 

> What are some "basic" guilds that each group should have?
No group should make guilds if there is no interest.  I suggest 
approaching your populace and asking if there are individuals who 
want to meet to discuss any particular subject on a regular basis.  
Let the interest of your populace determine your activities.
Elfsea cycles through guilds.  Meaning that there is a total drop-off 
in interest in a certain guild.  It dissolves from lack of 
interest and then a year later the interest is regained in the 
populace so the guild is resurrected.

> How are reports handled?
We ask that the guild principles keep the minister of arts & sciences 
apprised of the activity in the guild.  In addition, they are 
responsible for submitting an announcement to the local newsletter to 
have their meetings posted on the local calendar.  It usually handled 
very informally.  We don't want to stifle the groups interest by 
placing paperwork demands on them.

> What is reported?
Activity in the guild is reported to the Minister of Arts & Sciences. 
This includes any demos or special activities.  If a member of the 
guild receives an award pertaining the activity of the guild, it is 
usually brought to the attention of the Barony via the local 

> How do the guild leaders get info and assistance?
Our guild principles are encouraged to communicate freely and 
frequently with the Minister of Arts & Sciences.  The Minister of 
Arts and Sciences helps them set-up any classes they want and refer 
them to individuals who have information they need.

> Any help would be invaluable.
> Grace and Peace,
> Jovian Skleros

Hope this helps a little.
Eowyn ferch Rhys, Seneschal of Elfsea
Phyllis Spurr


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