On-line vs. Printed Newsletters (long)

Tim McDaniel tmcd at crl.com
Tue Feb 11 21:44:55 PST 1997

On Tue, 11 Feb 1997 stddly at SHSU.edu wrote:
> If the On-line BS prints event announcements in their entirety will
> people have a use to buy the "official version".

I'd say so.  I want something I can easily throw in the car when going
to an event.  I want a permanent copy for the files.  I want a copy I
can flip thru without tying up my one (1) phone line for hours and
overworking my printer.  I want a reminder in the mail that there's
new stuff.  I want Warthaven.  8-)

For portable convenience and easy reading, you just can't beat a book.

> What result do you think it might have on the number of memberships
> bought? 

Hard to say; *I* wouldn't switch.

Daniel de Lincoln
                             Tim McDaniel
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