Pennsic 25 'The Book' (fwd)

Pug Bainter pug at
Wed Feb 12 07:34:36 PST 1997

Greetings and salutations unto our friends in Ansteorra, from Lord Valdis
of Gotland, owner of Poor Scribes Publishing and creators of Pennsic 25
'The Book'.  I am writing to those hardy souls that traveled many miles to
visit us in the East.  The Book, is finally here with 128 pages of photos
and some other interesting articles from the war.  As far as I know this is
the first publication of it's kind in the society???????  The book has
photos of set up to tear down, even photos of that large tower that was to
the back of my encampment with Kilkenny.  We even have photos taken from
the highest point at Pennsic (Ansteorra tower).  This masterpiece is great
for shires at demos, to show friends what you do on those long vacations or
just sit around and tell  those no ---- there I was stories.
This is the last posting for the orders, I am only ordering a set number of
books with very few extras (less than 50 for gifts later on in life), and I
am compiling the final numbers and want to make sure that everyone got a
chance to get a copy for only $40.

Send your check or money order with a clean sheet of paper with mundane and
scadian name, address, e-mail address and number of copies ordered.

Poor Scribes Publishing
204 Cleveland Ave
Waynesboro, PA

Please E-mail me if you are interested so that I can have an idea of how
many to look for in snail mail.

Yours In Service,
Lord Valdis of Gotland

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